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    Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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    Charli XCX in the Green Room by Michael Jones 

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    My first fan picture with Charli XCX.

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    da like //alienbrad

  5. Okay I know that this is random but I am a medium (spirit psychic)

    I can talk to dead people, etc, and yes I have done readings for people. No you don’t have to believe me (I don’t blame you) but I just wanted to get that out. Thanks k byeee

  6. Who’s Charlie XCX?


    Marina Diamandis and Charli XCX : Flawless sisters ♥

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  7. If you guys wanna follow my twitter that’d be really cool xx
    I tweet about charli, Lana, kitten, lorde, and marina but also mostly about my life so ya

  8. But I was puking up blood last night

    Cuz I have a bad illness thing



    love the beatles…..<3

    Mom Pl ea S E

    Playhouse Disney was the sheeeeeet

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    charli xcx on We Heart It.

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  10. I’m starting to feel better guys

  11. Charli XCX