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But they’re vibes, whereas ‘Nuclear Seasons’ and ‘Stay Away’ are true songs. True Romance is kind of a blend of both. It’s a pop album, but it’s done on my own terms and it’s based out of this weirder world. 

@charli_xcx: dear @henryholland thank u for making me feel sassy today with this amazing pink fluffy coat. u r a boss 💗
5 things I like about me tag

1) I like how I’m bold enough to wear bright red lipstick every day
2) I like how I met Charli and talked with her and took pictures with her
3) I like how during the concert she saw me and winked at me and then started to sing with me cuz I was like the only one who knew the words and it was a small venue so she could see me up close
4) I like how my fashion sense is on key. #goodwill #atlantathriftshops
5) I like how I wear heels every day, including at school


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